Physical Internet

becomes a reality.

About Quay

Quay is an Israeli tech start-up based in Tel Aviv. We build a digital web platform which is meant to represent the first manifestation of the Physical Internet concept in the real world of urban parcel logistics.

We believe that our soft- and hardware solutions have the potential to disrupt today’s city logistics procedures, which rely on the traditional hub & spoke paradigm.

Our ambition is to realise unseen levels of operational efficiency and cost attractiveness for parcel carriers in metropolitan areas, hence provide them with new tools to attract multichannel retailers and eventually the ever growing number of ordering online consumers.


Today, most logistics is done by Hub & Spoke method that was introduced by FedEx about 50 years ago. Although this paradigm is efficient for B2B, it is less suitable for the new modern e-commerce shipping. Especially when same-day delivery is required. 

Quay intends to take elements from the Internet – Mesh network – and apply them to moving physical parcels. Based on unique technology and patents, Quay uses existing convenience stores as small hubs like routers for virtual data packets in the digital network.

Quay proprietary algorithms manage deliveries of parcels via multiple drivers using numerous stores as routers, allowing deliveries within the city in 2-3 hours for only $2-3. Thanks to our innovative approach, every single store will be able to start offering same-day delivery within the city and next-day delivery to the whole country.

Quay technology is changing the way we are sending parcels in 3 aspects


Today, local retailers depend on a single daily visit by shipments truck (UPS, FeDex etc.). If the truck is coming at 2 pm, only the online orders that came before 12 pm will be delivered by the next day. Quay technology allows shipping unexpected orders in a dynamic way throughout the day. Local retailers will be able to send parcels all day to the depot of shipment companies. 


While Amazon is offering same-day delivery, it does it only from its fulfillment centers. Some time ago Amazon attempted same-day deliveries from 3rd parties sellers’ warehouses but that service was phased out. Same-day city-wide delivery of orders is extremely challenging. The only known way to do it is using Quay mesh network.


Many shipment companies tried to move the last step of the delivery to bikes. But the fact is that a van can carry 150-200 parcels while a bike can take only 20-30. When the last mile delivery originates at a remote depot and is carried to the customer’s house by the same vehicle, using the vans is a better way. Quay uses local convenience stores as local nodes (also called: PI Nodes), allowing to move parcels between several drivers. In that way, the last step can be done by bikes that use the local PI node to refill their box and open a way for cost reduction.

Our Team

Yossi Rabinovitz

Co-Founder, CEO

Founder, CEO at Self Point

Former development leader at Retalix (NCR)

Yoav Linik

Co-Founder, COO

Operational manager, Product manager and R&D manager at Retalix, NCR

Yitzchak Mushkin

Co-Founder, VP Product

Development leader at Smarteam, Clarizen and sPark

Shlomi Zevin


Founder and VP R&D at sidelines.io

Former R&D group manager at Panaya

Martin Kreiter

Strategic Advisor

Division Manager Group Marketing, E-Commerce Business Development at Hermes

The leaders of the research and algorithms

Dalya Gartzman


MSc. in mathematics from Tel Aviv University, with a thesis in computational biology, where she acquired data science and algorithmic foundations. In the last years, Dalya Invented and developed an optimization algorithm for ride-sharing at Via, Startup which provides the first On-Demand Shared Transportation System.

Dudi Einav

Algorithms Research

Stanford-educated Sr. Algorithm/Data Science expert. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in MS&Engineering and Computer Science. 20+ years of experience as an algorithm developer and data scientist in Applied Materials and Verint.

Advisory board

Dr. Tal Rviv

Advisory board

Industrial Engineering tenured senior lecturer in Tel Aviv University.

Tal’s current primary research interest is in transportation and logistics with a focus on smart transportation and sustainable logistics, and he is co-heading the transportation and logistics lab in the faculty of engineering.

Carmi Raz

Co-Founder , Advisory board

Founder and CEO at RE10, SolEx water, Eyal Research

Co-Founder at Virdia

Lior Sagie

Advisory board

Former CEO at UPS Israel

Built and manager UPS branch in Israel for 20 years

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